Drop down on Damocles, the war ridden alien planet, and fight to the death in our new action packed multiplayer top down shooter Infantry. Infantry puts you right into the action, giving you a multitude of classes, weapons, game modes and customization to wage war against your enemies in an online multiplayer environment.

Infantry Online (currently known as Free Infantry) was a multiplayer combat video game with sprite animation graphics, using complex soldier, and ground vehicle models on typically complex terrains. Players fought to the death across many game modes, choosing from a plethora of classes.

It is time to take a fresh approach on the Infantry community’s “Free Infantry” that is still currently running. Using the Unreal Engine 4, we take what Infantry started with 18 years ago, and expand on it. Allowing players to fight in a competitive or casual environment, fixing flaws with the original Infantry systems, and updating the game with stunning graphics.

Infantry is built with your multiplayer experience in mind. That means that we have taken every precaution possible to eliminate cheating and hacking. Everything you do in Infantry is determined by the server, the client is simply a replica of what the server is doing!

The entire game was built with you in mind. That means that we have taken every precaution possible to eliminate all potential cheating. That also means that the game will have a low entry point at $14.99 USD and in game purchases will be purely cosmetic. No pay to win, no buying progression, a game you can simply enjoy without breaking the bank!

Advanced statistic tracking means you can keep track of how many shots you’ve fired, how many times you’ve missed and how many times you’ve plastered the opposition! Built off of the Unreal Engine 4, the game will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux environments at launch.

Squadmates can be hard to find, but Infantry offers a spectrum of features to help aid you. VoIP will be added for team chats, eliminating the necessity of a 3rd party programs. The game will be launched via Steam, enabling access to the full Steam friend system and overlay. Outfit’s allow allies to stick together throughout battles and share tactics with, while following their Outfit Commander.

Play the game how you see fit. We will be releasing a complete Modding Kit with the game, allowing you to create new weapons, new maps, and completely new game modes. Coupled with the Steam Workshop, we can release a set of tools that will be relatively simple to work with, allowing people with no previous experience to get right into modifying Infantry. We want to put the control in your hands, and we are eager to see what you guys come up with.

Diverse Class System

Infantry has a diverse class system, allowing you to pick the play style that suits you best.

The stealth unit of the future

Infiltrators go unseen around the field of battle. Made invisible by bending light with their advanced stealth field, Infiltrators can only be scouted by advanced sensor arrays unless in extremely close proximity of their opponent. Specializing in their use of energy weapons, the infiltrator is quick to get in and out, dealing massive amounts of damage very quickly. All of these advanced stealth fields, energy weapons and speed enhancements cost vital energy typically used for deflecting oncoming attacks. This often fatal flaw makes close quarters and tight corridors dangerous places for them.

Expert of heavy weaponry & explosives

Excelling in the use of explosives, machine guns, and cannons the Demo excels in its ability to blow heavy armor apart like it was paper mache. These abilities come at a cost though, with the Heavy Infantry needing to steady his aim before firing his heavy weapons. The only class to be able to strap on multitudes of armor, weapons, grenades and suit chargers without a hit to their movement speed.

Heavily armored masters of combat

The core of any group, its assault force, the Infantry is the most diverse class. With a wide range of armor capabilities, kinetic weapons, and the ability to see stealth, Infantry are the Jack of all Battlefield trades. Infantry are the only class in the game allowed to wear the advanced Carapace armor, giving them exceptional protection against kinetic bullets and a large advantage over other classes in firefights.

Filling the vital command role in any group

Always one to bring a knife to a gunfight, the squad commander excel in close range combat, getting a variety of melee weapons that eat through enemy armor. Living up to their name, Squad commanders get the added ability to summon their teammates to them, making them effective leaders. Every good squad has a commander, but the role is reserved for combat veterans, players who have gained experience through their battles and victories.

The cavalry of the future

Drop Trooper’s use Jetpacks and hoverboards to travel quickly from battle to battle as advanced scouts and quick attack units. Combined with stealth fields, their strength is in their speed to ambush with fly-and-run attacks. To dart around the battlefield, Drop Troopers must travel light and cannot carry heavy arms and armour, preferring speed and surprise as their chief weapons of war.

The life blood of any fighting force

Medics play a vital role as the only soldiers capable of healing allies. They also get a unique array of support weaponry, allowing them to stun opponents, or drain them of their energy. The Medics are lightly armored, but make up for it by being able to heal themselves, summon teammates, and shred opponents in close quarters with tranquilizer darts and SMG’s.

The first and last line of defense!

Favoring preparation and planning, Engineers win battles without firing a bullet. Engineers have a wide array of mines that they can carefully place, but their prowess mainly comes from the ability to place specialized turrets combined with short range combat arms. Every group can benefit from the defense provided by a skilled Engineers.

Fight in many different game modes.

Fight over flags scattered across the map in our classic CTF mode, featuring unlimited amount of teams. Unlike traditional CTF game modes where you bring the flag back to your base to capture it, flags are picked up and dropped off by players. Once all flags are held by a single team for 90 seconds, they take the victory.

The classic TDM mode returns! Team deathmatch features two or more teams, facing off against each other in a race to 100 kills . Choose your class carefully, balance will be of utmost importance!

A fight for valuable resources, King of the Hill offers an excellent way to bring the combat to you. Act too passive and you won’t be able to take a point; act too aggressive and you will get wiped out before your team can say Oorah. If you want quick mindless action, this is the game mode for you.

A feature widely sought after in the Infantry Online community. Join solo or with a group in organized 10 versus 10 player groups. Teams are locked in and you will be put on a specialized map of your choosing, designed specifically for this game mode. Both unranked and ranked modes will be available, giving you the opportunity to play against people at your skill level.